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Lutheran Ventures Commences Operations as Capital Investment Firm

Lutheran Ventures Commences Operations as Capital Investment Firm

Lutheran Ventures announced the launch of their new capital investment firm. The family-owned business plans to work with small to mid-sized businesses by providing capital, experience and commitment to these firms.

Lutheran Ventures was founded by James Lutheran Sr., son James Lutheran Jr. and daughter, Deanna Lutheran Bucy. The trio brings a family approach at capital investments to the Pittsburgh area.

The Lutherans are already acclimated to working together, as the family owned and founded the well-known A.M. Lutheran Distributors in Pittsburgh. Before it closed its doors in 2008, the company enjoyed over fifty years of operations as a distributor of craft and import beers.

Now the Lutheran family will use their experience and expertise to partner with other businesses in the area. They plan to work with companies with an EBITDA of less than $5 million. They are particularly interested in companies with an industry focus in distribution, health and wellness, retail or consumer goods. Their projected investment size is up to $10 million in equity capital. The types of investments they specialize in include ownership transition of family business, management buyouts, corporate divestitures and growth capital.

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